Creating a Fun Work Environment

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Work Environment

Based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, American Mint sells coins, die-cast models, medals, and other collector’s items. For more than 30 years, American Mint has carried a reputation as both a home for collecting hobbyists and a fun and interactive workplace.

Multiple thought leaders have theorized that fun and engaging work environments enhance employee productivity. Some companies and management teams may struggle with establishing such a setting, however, there are a few small steps organizations can take to help create a fun work environment –

1. Allow failure. Employees with passion and creativity may struggle if they feel they do not have the room to explore new ideas and make mistakes. Rather than emphasizing an environment free of failure, companies can encourage their employees to test out unique ideas.

2. Create a game area. This will give employees a place to take a break, play, and refuel during the workday. These areas can include anything from a pool table to beanbag chairs. Employees should feel free to relax and redecorate the area when they want.

3. Encourage friendships. Friendships between coworkers help to create a positive workplace culture. It reduces the number of sick days employees take during the year and promotes teamwork and overall satisfaction.

4. Establish simple standards. Workplace rules, standards, and metrics should be easy to understand. Additionally, businesses should be open to altering standards over time to better fit changing needs.