The Sought After Morgan Silver Dollar

Morgan Silver Dollar pic
Morgan Silver Dollar

American Mint is a Pennsylvania-based company that offers collectible coins, medals, Bowie knives, die-cast models, and other collectibles. Many of the pieces celebrate the legacy of historical figures, from Queen Elizabeth II to John F. Kennedy. The American Mint also offers rare and historical coins such as the Morgan Silver Dollar, which was produced from 1878 to 1921 and is sought after, as the large majority were melted for the value of the metal.

The Morgan came about following a major softening in the price of silver in the 1870s, which brought out old hoarded coins now worth more at face value. Congress felt pressure to prop up struggling silver mines and passed a law requiring the government to purchase between $2 to $4 million worth of silver each month for production of a new series of coins.

Reflecting the low prices of silver, the Morgan dollars were larger and heavier than their predecessors. In an interesting turn of events, many old issue Morgans were melted by the government in 1921 for production of that year’s Morgan issue. This resulted in a real scarcity for those coins produced during the early years of the run.


The Statue of Liberty’s Widely Commemorated 100th Anniversary in 1986

Statue of Liberty pic
Statue of Liberty

American Mint is a Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, firm that offers an extensive selection of medals and coins that are historic and have collectible value. One of American Mint’s distinct offerings is a genuine 1986 Statue of Liberty Half Dollar, which was minted by the US Treasury in 1986 in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the iconic statue.

The anniversary culminated in a four-day Liberty Weekend gala event that encompassed events throughout New York, with a focus on the harbor area. Well-attended events included an international naval procession that started at George Washington Bridge and included renditions by the American Wind Symphony of the national anthems of all participating vessels. Held in Liberty State Park, the Americana Music Salute was televised worldwide and included artists such as Johnny Cash, John Denver, and Whitney Houston. This was followed by a fireworks extravaganza that encompassed the Brooklyn Bridge and Hudson River past the World Trade Center.

Priced at less than $20, the authentic commemorative coin from this unforgettable anniversary is a collector’s item that will provide enduring interest to Americans for generations to come.