The Best Ways of Storing Collectible Coins

Coins collecting
Coins collecting


Located near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which is home to the Pennsylvania State Capitol, American Mint produces commemorative coins that mark important occasions such as the inauguration of new presidents. Focused on providing quality coins and memorabilia, American Mint has been offering services to collectors since 1998.

Storage is a key concern for collectors, many of whom want to ensure their coins remain free from damage for as long as they keep them. The most common coin storage method involves use of the coin flip. Coin flips are widely available. It is important to be aware of the materials used in their production. One should avoid PVC and vinyl and use flips made of Mylar or polyester instead. Every flip has a pair of pockets, with the first one holding the coin and the second one handy for storing information about the coin.

Coin flips work well enough for most coins. However, the most valuable coins in a collection should be housed in a hard holder made of plastic. This offers additional protection from scratches and other forms of damage.


American Mint announces one millionth U.S.customer

Mechanicsburg, PA, 06/14/2011 – American Mint, LLC President Kevin Sacher is proud to announce that the company’s one millionth U.S. customer has been recorded. Founded in 1998, the company experienced a 40% increase in sales over the past year alone, which allowed it to hit the one millionth customer milestone. “We’re very excited to be able to announce that we’ve now served a million customers in our domestic market,” Sacher stated.

John Sauvageot, of Rayland, Ohio, is the lucky one millionth customer. Sauvageot has purchased mostly patriotic-themed coins, including Civil War, Statue of Liberty, and presidential coin sets. To celebrate, American Mint has invited Sauvageot, his wife, and daughter, to enjoy an all-expense paid 4-night, 5-day package tour to one of our nation’s most historic places; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Sauvageots will also visit American Mint’s facility in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania to receive a special award, tour the facility, and meet the management team.

American Mint announces new license with Babe Ruth Estate

American MintMechanicsburg, PA – 09/04/2012 – American Mint, LLC President Kevin Sacher proudly announced that he has signed a new license agreement with the Babe Ruth Estate.  The Babe Ruth Estate is dedicated to preserving the legacy of George Herman “Babe” Ruth.

“With the new license agreement, we are producing a line of commemorative collectible coins and baseballs in conjunction with the Babe Ruth Estate.  We are excited to be adding baseball’s greatest legend to our product line,” Sacher said.

American Mint is a leading provider of high quality collectible coins, knives, die-cast replicas, and other memorabilia, and has served over one million customers from its current Mechanicsburg facility.  As an international direct mail marketer, American Mint’s parent company operates in nine countries and has served 10 million serious collectors around the world.  For more information about American Mint, please visit