American MintFounded over 30 years ago, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania-based American Mint has grown into a world-class provider of memorabilia, serving millions of customers through its direct mail marketing program. In addition to coins, the company produces top-quality knives, die-cast replicas, medals, and other collectibles. These items are always backed by the company’s triple guarantee of quality, authenticity, and exclusivity. In addition to maintaining a cooperative and enjoyable work environment for its employees, American Mint always maintains a focus on customer satisfaction.

American Mint’s dedication to the customer experience can be seen in its special Collector’s Service, a program designed for beginners and veteran collectors to help them acquire items for their collections. In addition, the company relies on a committee of experts and historians which determine themes that deserve a commemorative coin. These individuals also review galleries and museums to find items that would deserve to be replicated. Once determined, the company commissions only the most talented artisans to create the collectibles.