The Sought After Morgan Silver Dollar

Morgan Silver Dollar pic
Morgan Silver Dollar

American Mint is a Pennsylvania-based company that offers collectible coins, medals, Bowie knives, die-cast models, and other collectibles. Many of the pieces celebrate the legacy of historical figures, from Queen Elizabeth II to John F. Kennedy. The American Mint also offers rare and historical coins such as the Morgan Silver Dollar, which was produced from 1878 to 1921 and is sought after, as the large majority were melted for the value of the metal.

The Morgan came about following a major softening in the price of silver in the 1870s, which brought out old hoarded coins now worth more at face value. Congress felt pressure to prop up struggling silver mines and passed a law requiring the government to purchase between $2 to $4 million worth of silver each month for production of a new series of coins.

Reflecting the low prices of silver, the Morgan dollars were larger and heavier than their predecessors. In an interesting turn of events, many old issue Morgans were melted by the government in 1921 for production of that year’s Morgan issue. This resulted in a real scarcity for those coins produced during the early years of the run.

The Best Ways of Storing Collectible Coins

Coins collecting
Coins collecting


Located near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which is home to the Pennsylvania State Capitol, American Mint produces commemorative coins that mark important occasions such as the inauguration of new presidents. Focused on providing quality coins and memorabilia, American Mint has been offering services to collectors since 1998.

Storage is a key concern for collectors, many of whom want to ensure their coins remain free from damage for as long as they keep them. The most common coin storage method involves use of the coin flip. Coin flips are widely available. It is important to be aware of the materials used in their production. One should avoid PVC and vinyl and use flips made of Mylar or polyester instead. Every flip has a pair of pockets, with the first one holding the coin and the second one handy for storing information about the coin.

Coin flips work well enough for most coins. However, the most valuable coins in a collection should be housed in a hard holder made of plastic. This offers additional protection from scratches and other forms of damage.

Hounds of Prison Education Helps Dogs Find Forever Homes

Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance (CPAA) Image:
Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance (CPAA)


American Mint possesses more than three decades of experience in the collector’s market and sells a wide array of die-cast replicas, collectable coins, and other memorabilia from its headquarters in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. American Mint also supports several community and nonprofit organizations, including the Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance (CPAA), which manages the life-saving Hounds of Prison Education (HOPE) program.

Launched in March 2015, the program focuses on finding forever homes for rescued and homeless dogs by pairing them with screened prison inmates who provide training, socialization, and behavior modification necessary for adoption. HOPE is tailored to canines who require extra one-on-one attention to prepare them for adoption and incarcerated individuals with moderate behavioral and social issues. Furthermore, it welcomes dogs with an extended history in foster care homes.

HOPE encourages inmates to bond with their canine partners over the course of several weeks, wherein dogs and inmates share cells and attend weekly training sessions together. Inmates receive support and assistance from professional trainers, prison staff, and program volunteers. Sessions cover a range of training topics, such as basic obedience and behavior modification. Furthermore, the sessions boost the confidence of shy and nervous canines.

Donations to HOPE help cover costs associated with training and care, such as training classes, food, toys, and heartworm prevention. In addition to individual contributions, donors may select from a number of care packages ranging from $10 to $200.

HOPE operates in conjunction with the Pennsylvania State Correctional Institute at Camp Hill and the Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance.

Pope Francis’ Historic 2015 Visit to the United States

Pope Francis
Pope Francis


A Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania-based company, American Mint carries an extensive inventory of collectible coins, medals, and die-cast models. Among American Mint’s sought after offerings is a commemorative coin that celebrates the historic visit Pope Francis paid to the United States in 2015. Layered with 24 karat gold, the coin is a wide 2.75 inches in diameter and priced at less than $5.

Pope Francis’ highly anticipated trip to the United States began with his arrival in Washington, DC, where he met with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. He subsequently became the first Pope ever to address the US Congress and he focused his message on the duty legislative officials have in caring for ordinary people. He also found time to canonize Junipero Serra, a respected California missionary from the Spanish colonial era.

Next stopping in New York City, Pope Francis paid a visit to the 9/11 memorial and spoke of the importance of never forgetting those who had lost their lives in the tragic event that unfolded there. He made a memorable appearance before the UN General Assembly, emphasizing the importance of valuing the earth and the people who live on it over pursuit of money.

The Statue of Liberty’s Widely Commemorated 100th Anniversary in 1986

Statue of Liberty pic
Statue of Liberty

American Mint is a Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, firm that offers an extensive selection of medals and coins that are historic and have collectible value. One of American Mint’s distinct offerings is a genuine 1986 Statue of Liberty Half Dollar, which was minted by the US Treasury in 1986 in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the iconic statue.

The anniversary culminated in a four-day Liberty Weekend gala event that encompassed events throughout New York, with a focus on the harbor area. Well-attended events included an international naval procession that started at George Washington Bridge and included renditions by the American Wind Symphony of the national anthems of all participating vessels. Held in Liberty State Park, the Americana Music Salute was televised worldwide and included artists such as Johnny Cash, John Denver, and Whitney Houston. This was followed by a fireworks extravaganza that encompassed the Brooklyn Bridge and Hudson River past the World Trade Center.

Priced at less than $20, the authentic commemorative coin from this unforgettable anniversary is a collector’s item that will provide enduring interest to Americans for generations to come.

American Mint announces new license with Babe Ruth Estate

American MintMechanicsburg, PA – 09/04/2012 – American Mint, LLC President Kevin Sacher proudly announced that he has signed a new license agreement with the Babe Ruth Estate.  The Babe Ruth Estate is dedicated to preserving the legacy of George Herman “Babe” Ruth.

“With the new license agreement, we are producing a line of commemorative collectible coins and baseballs in conjunction with the Babe Ruth Estate.  We are excited to be adding baseball’s greatest legend to our product line,” Sacher said.

American Mint is a leading provider of high quality collectible coins, knives, die-cast replicas, and other memorabilia, and has served over one million customers from its current Mechanicsburg facility.  As an international direct mail marketer, American Mint’s parent company operates in nine countries and has served 10 million serious collectors around the world.  For more information about American Mint, please visit